Zero DownTime

A 100% Guarantee Against Breakdowns

“Excel Hydraulics™ is the only hydraulic services company in Australia making this promise… that when you engage us with our  Zero DownTime™ (ZDT™) maintenance program we guarantee that your equipment will not break down – or we will fix it for free. That is how confident we are of being able to keep your equipment or vehicles running at optimum levels. We provide a cost-efficient holistic package of fluid cleaning, replacement filters, heat exchangers and other components – and not only do we keep equipment running smoothly we are also able to extend its life expectancy. We have seen equipment last 200%, 300%, 400% and even longer before it needs to be replaced.”

Kevin McCaffrey
Founder & Director
Excel Hydraulics™ & FluidCare Technology™

Packages Tuned To Each Type Of Equipment

Zero DownTime™ is more advanced and more successful than the conventional methods of hydraulic monitoring and “fix when fail”.

This is a proactive maintenance strategy focused on achieving “0” downtime and significantly reducing operating costs. We are able to detect sources of possible failure and pre-empts breakdown. We can remove the factor of unpredictability and the breakdown itself.

An initial free site consultation determines the level of servicing required for your equipment. From this inspection we tune a program specifically to that piece of equipment. As such, if you have equipment indoors and outdoors the different operating environments will require different solutions. We determine your servicing requirements and produce a detailed matrix checklist. This checklist comprises a list of the individual tasks and their associated call frequencies. It forms the backbone for future maintenance calls and enables you to quickly and accurately assess how your equipment is being serviced.

And, of course, behind every maintenance agreement is our 100% guarantee ensuring that your business runs at full capacity.

400% Increase In Life Expectancy

Ask about our X2L™, X3L™ and X4L™ packages which complement the Zero DownTime™ program. These service packages double, triple and quadruple the life expectancy of plant equipment and vehicles.


Excel Hydraulics

Zero DownTime