Who We Are

Who We Are

From Simple Beginnings…

Started by Kevin McCaffrey in a single car garage in Toongabbie NSW in 1989, Excel Hydraulics has grown into a hydraulics services industry leader with modern facilities at Smithfield NSW and a hand-picked team of technicians and support personnel.

Excel Hydraulics is a Platinum Partner of Parker Hannifin – the global manufacturer of high quality hydraulic components with a hugely diverse range of products covering all aspects of hydraulic applications. Their products are manufactured and exported all over the world. We also partner with Sterling Hydraulics and Power Team, providing our customers with the widest possible range of world-class solutions to their needs.

Our extensive understanding of the hydraulics industry has led to the development of an in-house design and manufacturing team. We develop custom parts and whole systems for all types of plant equipment and vehicles. This includes prototyping and testing in our Sydney facility.

The Excel Difference

How we work as a team and treat our customers is very much a part of the underlying spirit of Excel Hydraulics. We operate in an environment of excellence and respect.

We have a solid understanding of our customers’ needs. Our team is trained to take ownership of customers’ requirements and find the best solutions. With integrity and professionalism.

There is no compromise in our work. We don’t accept short-cuts to finding a solution. This is why so much of our business comes from referrals. Through continual refinement of our business when a “better way” is developed it becomes the new standard and is documented in our Operational Manual to make it available to all of our customers.

We treat each other as dignified individuals, we care for everyone’s well-being and provide an environment where they can advance themselves. We believe in equality. Even though we are a team with a wide variety of skills and background experience, we do not allow superiority and associated privileges to exist. We serve as a team and celebrate our successes as a team.

Kevin McCaffrey

The Excel Ethos

To maintain high integrity and business ethics.
To treat each employee as a dignified individual.
To continually refine all aspects of our business.
To solve problems creatively and efficiently.
To keep business pleasurable.

Excel Hydraulics