What We Do

What We Do

Guaranteed ‘Zero Downtime’ Service

No matter which service Excel Hydraulics provides our Zero DownTime™ Lifetime Warranty always applies. All work performed and materials used are guaranteed against early failure for their lifetime of use. If there is a product failure we will repair it free of charge. This is how confident we are of improving and extending the life expectancy of your asset. Conditions apply.


If your business relies on hydraulics and you want a better understanding of how your system can operate at ten-tenths without failure, or you are looking to extend or modify your hydraulics and are not sure where to begin or what components are required, we invite you to contact us.


Breakdowns often occur without any warning, when you least expect them. And, they can cost you thousands of dollars in lost production. Excel Hydraulics can minimise and prevent this from occurring with our exclusive Zero Down Time™ Lifetime Warranty. Alternatively, contact Excel Hydraulics and we will despatch our technicians who are available to respond to call-outs 7 days a week.

Custom Design

From a minor upgrade to a complete vehicle or machinery hydraulics system, Excel Hydraulics has the know-how to come up with a custom design solution suited to your specific needs and work environment.


Excel Hydraulics developed Excel FluidCare Technology™ – an Australia-first service utilising state-of-the-art technology to assess contaminants and filter hydraulic fluids cleaner than when they came out of the drum or pack. This “cleaner than new” service is allowing companies to re-use their fluid over and over rather than replace it…dramatically reducing operating costs and leading to less contaminated fluids ending up in landfill. The range of services include FLUID-X™ which, like an x-ray, exposes the real quality of fluid and can identify contaminants down to micron size (0.004mm – the size of bacteria). A variety of purpose-built filtration units (permanently attached to the asset or towed on-site by the Excel Hydraulics mobile technical team) are available.


The highly experienced in-house workshop at Excel Hydraulics has a reputation for manufacturing and assembling innovative, uniquely designed and fine-tolerance hydraulics components for all types of applications. We are also proficient at retro-fitting and repairing existing components for extended use. We accept your product design – or one developed by our own in-house design team – and after manufacture we evaluate the performance and reliability of the component in our test facility.


Existing components can be modified to enhance their performance or the performance of the asset that they belong to. Excel Hydraulics initiates the modification process by sending a series of design-related questions to our customer to determine their desired outcomes and requirements. From these answers a design and, if required, costing is produced and, upon approval, we move to the Custom Design, Manufacturing and Testing phases.

Excel Hydraulics

Parts Supply

As an authorised distributor for Parker Hannifin, Sterling Hydraulics and PowerTeam, Excel Hydraulics offers an incredibly wide range of proven products and parts for all types of hydraulic environments. From mining to maritime, energy to earthmoving. We can also order one-off stock from suppliers to suit special requirements.

Proactive Maintenance

Refer to the exclusive industry-first Zero DownTime™ Proactive Maintenance plan (see below).

Repairs – Internal & External

Internal repairs relate to items of equipment or complete machines which are delivered to our Smithfield workshop for necessary work. A typical operation includes having equipment stripped, assessed, machined, new parts installed, assembled and tested. An external programmed repair is when machinery or equipment requires predetermined repairs to be performed on-site and this is managed by the Excel Hydraulics mobile technical team. Typical external repairs include proactive maintenance service or fixing a breakdown.

Zero DownTime™ (ZDT™) – Proactive Maintenance

Prevention is better than cure (and offer costs a lot less!). The Zero DownTime™ Proactive Maintenance plan is a form of predetermined maintenance services carried out on machinery on the customer’s sites. Depending on a range of influences such as the type of asset, its working environment, tasks, age of the equipment and so on, we develop a specific schedule with planned servicing dates. We are so confident of our ability to maintain your equipment at 100% efficiency that if a failure does occur our Excel Hydraulics mobile technical team will respond immediately at no cost to you.

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